Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Portable Festival of Portable Art, Institute Parachute, Legislature Grounds, August

Deeming itself as the largest nomadic art festival in the world, the inaugral Portable Festival of Portable Art is the brain child of Josee Oullette with the support and partnership of Adam Waldon Blain. Prone to drawing things that were "impossible to build," Oullette took to building the objects first rather than trying to continually and unsuccesfully build upon her sketches. Constructing the "Paper Tent," the centre piece of the festival rounded out by arm bands, a people game (the marathon game), a live picnic, and possibly more as others wandered to and from, the festival gathering was indeed an afterthought of the completion of the semi-functionable paper tent.
In the middle of a beautiful long weekend on the park grounds of the Legislature, amidst the cluster of frisbee parties and family picnics, the Institute Parachute had dropped down and celebrated something that was sincerely and humbly unique.

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