Thursday, August 16, 2007

New Federal Minister of Canadian Heritage

The Honourable Josée Verner, Minister of Canadian Heritage, Status of Women and Official Languages, has taken over where Beverly Oda left off. In fact, the two women have simply exchanged their positions, and Oda now sits as the Minister for International Co-operation.

What this could possibly mean for arts on the national and regional level is certainly unclear, as Oda did not construct very much in her time except for splashing around the Can-Con conundrum in television. Any future plans or mandate in the culture sector remains indistinguished, but here goes our expectations again . . .

Whether this was just another political move to sway Quebec or if this relative-unknown has something to prove in this turbulent ministry, I guess we are expected to wait and see.

I hesitate to even mention this latest cabinet shuffle, as its relevance seems minute, but I am interested in hearing how this affects anyone if at all.

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