Friday, August 3, 2007

Michelle Lavoie 'In the Gatherine Light' and Marilee Salvator 'Ring Around the Rosie' at SNAP, July 26 - Sept 1, 2007

- A stark contrast betwen Lavoie's digital prints in the foyer space versus Salvator's homely collage work.
- Salvator's works reminded me of Toronto artist Teresa Ascencao's: the kitschy female iconography. Reminded me in theme and maybe inspiration, but nothing else.
- Also, directly after Brennan's wall to wall exhibit, the exhibit as a whole seemed minimal.
- Lavoie left less impression. an exercise in technique?


Anonymous said...

Marilee Salvator's exhibition, "Ring Around the Rosie" at Snap is an amazingly insightful exploration into the female mind. I think everyone should take the trip over to the gallery to see these images!

Anonymous said...

exellent show. a must see.

Anonymous said...

I loved Marilee Salvator's exhibition. Probably one of the most thought-provoking artists out there.

Run...don't walk to see this show.