Monday, August 20, 2007

Best of Art Walk, Fringe Gallery, August 2007

To compare works on the wall versus works on the sidewalk is surprisingly not the issue that came out of seeing the 'best of' show from this summer's ArtWalk. Compressed into a single room down from over five city blocks, the works did not leave any stronger impression within an official gallery setting. In fact, they may have left less.
Without the artist present, most of the works lose their context, as most pieces are personal strains of expression that may be 'creative,' but fail to reach a larger audience looking for some form of originality, context, and investigation. Myka Jones and Gisele Denis may be held as exceptions, but the works represented were inferior pieces to show off their skill, and perhaps this leads into whether artists should show their strongest works, or their most marketable works . . .

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