Friday, August 3, 2007

Capital Modern: Edmonton Architecture and Urban Design 1940 - 1969, AGA


- wish I knew original locations of buildings, do they still stand today where they stood in the photographs?
- Eartha Kitt and Sammy DAvis in "that Night time girl" at the Varscona, 1941
- "Modest" modernism, perhaps most interesting to structural engineers
- MCO is right; this exhibit should be permanently housed somewhere

- more focus on the inevitable destruction of buildings, designs
- no new design movement identified as taking modernism's place in edm (new designers, gene dub, randall stout, remain names not a movement?)
- everyone dressed for a safari!
- plainly exposed the fine line between edm citizens and edm explorers. confusing tone of surprise by curators when discussing "hidden" gems.
- if you stay long enough anywhere, you learn to love it.
- saw nothing new, discovered some new detailing of some buildings, terminology more than ripples of history though.
- it's too young to even call history, no reverance yet

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