Friday, November 30, 2007

Scott Cumberland, "Somewhere in Between" FAB Gallery November 27 - December 15, 2007

Saskatchewan bred and Modernist fed, Scott Cumberland's MFA exhibition in provides a body of work that seeks to bring volume into the flatness of painting. Warm cascading multicoloured ribbons flow throughout each of his pieces--and walking through the show, it is clear that Cumberland's work will find great commercial appeal. Bold craters of molten colour describe the larger works that start with 'Flux' and peak with 'Opulence.' The works are high gloss and decadent. All except for 'Pod,' which stands out from the rest with its raw canvas background. In contrast to the mixed media granular backgrounds, or perhaps sub grounds as many appear to "hold" the ribbons, the raw canvas provides the greatest contradiction in Cumberland's search for volume in flatness. Against the blank cloth canvas, his illusionist formations work best as a mark of the painting's ability to distort and affect, that it is this paint, and now the full coloured square hanging on the wall, that achieves and communicates.

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