Friday, November 30, 2007

Five, McMullen Gallery, November 13 to December 6, 2007

One of the last, if not the last exhibition at the Extension Centre Gallery before it moves to its new home in Enterprise Square, the tiny 2nd floor room is currently exhibiting new works by five female Alberta based visual artists. Of exception, Margaret Witschl's stark and sparse paintings of Alberta roadscapes evoke a collage approach to the canvas with elements of discarded roadside shrapnel. In "Crossing West From Banff," a faint outline of a polaroid framing an empty ash tray is overlapped by the remnants of discarded car tires and pieces. The majestic rockies stand distant in the back, and with the spatially abstract horizon of memories, Witschl is building a landscape of waste and loss in contemporary Alberta with thought and poignancy.

Image credit: Margaret Witschl, "Crossing West From Banff" 2007

Artists: Allison Argy Burgess, Tersa Halkow, Brenda Inglis, Sharon Moore Foster, Margaret Witschl

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