Friday, November 2, 2007

Andrea Pinheiro, Emanations and Other Ghosts, FAB Gallery, October 30 - November 17, 2007

A summation of printmaking, from its basic formations of etching, layered and transplanted onto film, wax, and paint to the laborious task of photogravures, Andrea Pinherio's MFA show is a feat of range and a feat of vision. Basic in its spare black and whiteness, but tumultuous in energy between its layers, the works evoke an otherness, a presence of being that has been lost. Buildings, or remnants of them, appear throughout the show. A French window frame, engulfed, ephemeral, the structure exists but its history does not. Building ruins in the modern era, with more alliance to junk yards than sites of former worship, take on that sense of sacredness, a sense denied to them in their glory years but here created or perhaps plainly and meticulously caught and restored. The depth of printmaking, in its varied tones and hues is here clearly expressing wonder with both the content and process, delving into the greater mystery of "what is" and "what has been".

Image by Andrea Pinheiro, 2007
Photo credit courtesy of Sheri Barclay

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