Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Points of Origin, U of A BFA show, FAB Gallery, April 22 - May 3, 2008

Every few years, a cycle of stellar artists cycles through every department, and passing through the U of A’s undergraduate BFA show, Points of Origin, this may be one of those years. As one of the most diverse and bold shows in recent memory, the exhibition has really reaffirmed a faltering faith in institutional-bred art that had creeped up as of late. Some highlights included Claire Uhlick’s acrylic webs, 3D works that literally appear to be peeling and tearing itself off its adjacent wall, casting marks and shadows that challenges and destroys (wall) paintings. Then there’s Allison Tunis’ performative body modification video work that is simply clever. Performance also plays into Nancy Schultz’s “Identified Spaces” series where presumably the artist is staring back at you from a over-floralized room that flattens space and depth that transports and blurs past aunts and neighbors of a recent decorative era. Mentionable is also David Maier's concept of space and all of Erinne Fenwick’s pieces, one as an untitled photo series that is as much installation as it is performance with tea candles and the other an aesthetically pleasing construction of “get dressed” two by four’s. The group show as a whole indicates a new era of potentially strong thinkers and only time will tell where these artists go from this point of origin.

Artists: Stephanie Dickie, Erinne Fenwick, Karolina Kowalski, David Maier, Amanda Priebe, Nancy Schulz, Leah Scott, Jill Stanton, Allison Tunis, Claire Uhlick, Samantha Williams, and Mary Wong

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