Sunday, January 27, 2008

Write/Print, Extension Gallery, until February 20, 2008

As the inaugural student exhibition in its new home in Enterprise Square, Extension Gallery's "Write/Print" brings together interdisciplinary and intergenerational artists and writers. Situated directly outside of the temporary home of the Art Gallery of Alberta, and possibly the future home to FAB, Extension quadruples in size from its former living room sized space and opens up the definition of public office lobby art. Available to the general public and open seven days a week, the once hidden and forgotten Extension Gallery has suddenly become the most accessible gallery in the city--and becomes a prime location to engage with local art works.
The current exhibition features students from a creative writing course collaborating with students from a printmaking class. As a positive move to foster interdisciplinary work between writers and visual artists, the results remain on the safe side of art. Resembling more as an exercise in openly responding to each other's content, the works in general do not inspire the active description of "collaboration." But as responses, the works are more than worth viewing and reading. In its new accessible home directly above Bay Station, one can only hope that the calibre of future exhibits will meet and engage the increased traffic of its present location.

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