Monday, January 14, 2008

SNAP Gallery January 10 - February 23, 2008

Definitely the most appropriately paired exhibition to begin the year, SNAP kicks off 2008 with Patrick Bulas and Mitch Mitchell delving into their respective representation of particles, light and space. Unexpectedly, former U of A grad Bulas' 'Our particles are in motion' was outshined by current MFA candidate Mitchell's double layered drawings of complexity theory. "Dispersion Series 1 & 2" was at times difficult to view with the awkward overhead flourescent lighting bouncing off the sheets of acetate and mylar; but in moments and from certain distances, the physics and astronomy in Mitchell's works provided a tangible rawness to Bulas' heady bleeds. Dividing Dispersion into urban cities of New York, Detroit, New Orleans and Indian Hills and the fictional topographies of Springfields, Flaggland and Sentinal Pass, the constellations created represent strong abstractions of raw space and time. Density through repetition somehow still leaves room for diversity, and this 'In Progress Series' warms the way for its future MFA grad show.

Image credit: "Springfield" Mitch Mitchell, 2007

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