Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sean Caulfield lecture, Whitemud Crossings Edmonton Public Library, September 23, 2007

Promoted as a lecture explaining print artist Sean Caulfield's interest and use of historical scientific illustrations, the slide show lecture inside the Programs room at the Whitemud Crossings EPL turned into a sneak preview for the upcoming art and science amalgam show tentatively scheduled for the AGA in November 2008.
Gathering leading scientific researchers from around the globe as well--as artists to match including Montreal's BioTechika who Create sculptures from stem cells--the art and science group played off one another during a workshop held at the Banff Centre. Local artists include Caulfield as well as Liz Ingram and Lyndal Osborne.

As an idea sparked by Caulfield and his brother (who works in nanotechnology), they wanted to bring together both their respective folds.
Art and science are intrinsically linked worlds, but divisions have led us to think we can have live and excel in only one world and not the other. It may be too early to ponder aloud, but I wonder if this blind separation of art and science will be addressed or if it will just be an exhibition featuring art created and inspired by modern science.

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