Monday, September 17, 2007

Collage-a-Thon, Friday, September 14, 2007 AGA

More party than arty, the collage-a-thon put on by the AGA in partnership with Latitude 53 filled the cavernous halls of the old Bay building from corner to corner. In the earlier part of the evening, the collaging tables were mostly filled with supervised children working away. As the evening grew and the line up for drink tickets filled the doorway, those still collaging had distractions ranging from a live band to the troupe of black clad ladies from Mile Zero Dance.

Image credit: Zachary Ayotte, 2007

Highlights included the little old lady in pink who sold the drink tickets; the dancers who presented strong visuals, but with a pulse; and the enthusiasm of the children as they put up their works on the gallery walls, knowing others would get to see them.
Lowlights may have been the overall output of work produced, as most collages looked more like the inside of diaries and dreambooks; and the amount of individuals who didn't bother collaging at all.
Collage, the mash up of images and meaning--and if artfully done, the seamless integration of all things supposed juxtaposed--may have been the overall atmosphere of the evening in action as in theme, but certainly some found it very difficult to collage amidst all the commotion.
But for those who just wanted a spectacle (or could only find spectacle), there was a general consensus that the AGA (or for better or for worse) hasn't been that hip since the opening with ArtBar.

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Tam said...

Those black clad ladies from Mile Zero Dance were the highlight of my evening. I'd love to see that sort of mixing of genres more often at art functions.