Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Repetition, Stollery Gallery, April 1 - 21, 2010

Activating the spatial parameters of the Stollery Gallery inside the Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts, Repetition is the product of six months of work with artist and facilitator Sherri Chaba.

Image credit: Christine Jarock "Kite Flight" Photo credit: Kris Sentara, 2010

Focusing on the act of repetition as applied to found materials, the works by Scott Berry, Christine Jarock, Kenneth Hayward, Kevin Ashton, Raj Bagwe and Chaba herself range from the fantastical to the political, all the while creating a new perspective on how the gallery space can be engaged by Nina Haggerty artists.

Image credit: Scott Berry "Dog Park in 2019". Photo credit: Kris Sentara, 2010

From a black and white 3D cartoon of a futuristic dog park to intricate hanging wire sculptures emulating the physical manifestations of brain injuries and recoveries, the works from the Nina Haggerty Centre demonstrate a real departure from previous 2D works, which while reflective required less awareness of the body, it's perceptions, and choices.

Chaba's contribution builds upon her continuing research on the environmental consequences of human progress and development. Winding across the ceiling of the gallery, a form suggestive of a specter, or a pipeline, leads to the traces of human presence and nature drenched in a black viscous material baring a strong resemblance to tar--or black bile. Completely covering a pair of deserted rubber boots, it is difficult to differentiate between the tar and the boots, both being completely melded together and implicit in each others' presence. The casting of the pipe's shadow around the ground installation only further suggests the staging of an eco-apocalpyse narrative, one that for some are already underway.

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