Thursday, March 13, 2008

Karen Trask, "Warm Snow," SNAP Gallery, February 28 - April 12, 2008

Snow as static, snow as a blizzard of images, words, and thoughts, "Warm Snow," by Karen Trask presents a light, minimal approach to the fuzzy abstractions that permeate our brains. From sculpture to video installations to word sculptures on hand made paper, Trask's reduced expressions are as soft and overstimulating as the static that inspires her.
Inside the tiny nook of SNAP's main gallery space, Trask assembles a peaceful world, a world riddled with white noise to where everything is blanketed and therefore soothing. The steady scratchy tone of static was all that was missing, faintly heard not sure if imagined or coming from one of the installations, but this exhibition just so faintly touches on all of the different possibilities, media, and outcome it begins.

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