Sunday, October 28, 2007

JustSeeds, Visual Resistance Artists Cooperate, Naked Cyber Café

Part of the North of Nowhere Expo that took place in October and held over at Naked Cyber Cafe until December, JustSeeds is an exhibit of socially active prints and posters designed by the Visual Resistance Artists Cooperative.

The activist aesthetic reminds you that print (especially the rudimentary and anonymous block print) had its roots in resistance literature and the exhibition's rough edges--whether they were intended or not--demonstrate that in this type of work, the message is often more important than the medium.
Much like chapbooks in the publishing world, this type of original print posters give voice to the underground. Most of the times, the products are produced on a limited budget and quite poorly done, but for every ten, there emerges one that may stand out, and with most DIY, it is usually the intentions that count. It is however pleasantly surprising to see this group as active artists exhibiting, and if in the future they collectively focused on a single cause, their body of work could make for interesting shows to come.

Photo credit: Courtesy of ESPA, 2007

Artists: Colin Matthes, Icky A., Josh MacPhee, Meredith Stern, Pete Yahnke, Chris Stain, Bec Young, Dylan Miner, Erik Ruin, Kristine Virsis, Mary Tremonte, Nicolas Lampert and Roger Peet.


tish said...

i always seem to immediately respond to this medium/aesthetic myself, and i enjoy these works up at Naked right now.

Anonymous said...

So, if an artist intends to make something cool, meaningful, whatever, but fail miserably, to your mind that doesn't matter, because, "with most DIY, it is usually the intentions that count"? Nonsense.

"Print had its roots in resistance literature"? You just make this stuff up as you go along. Admit it.

There's a word for work where the "message is often more important than the medium", but "art" isn't it. Try "advocacy".
It's important not to confuse the two.