Friday, July 27, 2007

Tammy Salzl, Acts of Devotion, Harcourt House, July 26 - August 25, 2007

In person, the energy of Salzl's paintings are readily more apparent than the 2D world could ever represent. Large, much larger than expected, the stand out piece was not intune with the rest of her pieces, which mainly explore the role of modern women through traditional and religious iconographies; the image of boy and presumed father, the elder readily holding a weapon in one hand and the boy's hand in the other, walking away into the distance down a deserted path, with only the boy half-looking back, there is a great sense of lost conveyed not just through the Salzl's compositional hermeneutics, but in the fading light, and the expressive strokes in the boy's face that betrays reflection.

Image "The Sacrifice" courtesy of the artist


Anonymous said...

Salzl's work is good, but the show is disapointing because it shows two of the work for her Latitude 53 show - which was far tighter and more resolved,

This show seemed like she was just not ready to show and was hurried. I would like to see her with a fulll real exhibit.

Anonymous said...

I thought Tammy's show was great despite the fact she had shown two of her previous pieces. I don't think that revisiting a past idea or perhaps re-inventing a past idea should be held against her. It is after all a part of the artistic process. She is not the first person who has done it, in fact there are many celebrated artists who do include past pieces of their work in newer shows. I don't think this should dissuade anyone from checking it out!