Sunday, May 20, 2007

working hearts or heartly workings, the birch heart basement May 19, 2007

Curated by Sean Borchert, the mandate (if we dare call it one), was to show "low-fi" in a low-fi environment. Asked to create art for his basement setting, the friends of Borchert responded with pieces that would be most suitable for its environment.
The birch heart basement takes up most of Borchert's rumpus room, the stereotypically wonderful imagining of what a rumpus room should look and how a rumpus room in Edmonton 2007 should function: far enough from whyte ave and University campus, but close enough as a stumbling destination, low ceilings with a strip of old carpeting remaining ever lasting, a saggy old couch against one wall with a poster-lined jam space on the other side of the room, and tree stumps, doubtfully birch, sitting in the corner of the forgotten bathroom.
Gathering over a dozen local artists and bands for the one-night only show, Working Hearts or Heartly Workings offered an informal eclectic response to the space itself, mixing everything from quick sketches, impromptu collages and old newspaper renderings, items that could very well be found in other similiar basements. The overall effect was natural and unburdened, as examples of carefree exercises in creativity full of genuine heart from all participating.


Anonymous said...

Any photos avaliblae of this show?
Sounds interesting. I like thinking about "how a rumpas room in Edmonton 2007 should function"


threedeeglasses said...

I don't think I took any photos that night. But I'll check.