Thursday, April 19, 2007

"Inventions and Uncommon Places", April 19 - June 2, 2007

(Jorg Rothenpieler, 2007. Ink)

SNAP Gallery, having never looked better since its move from 104th St., and now with new Director Katherine Thompson on helm, shows Munster artist Jorg Rothenpieler's meticulous investigations of the wonders around him. Printmaking continues to be a mystery to those wary of its stern intensity and gruelling labour process. The prints usually reveal a familiar world, but the art lies in the process of those lines and shadows. Rothenpieler's focus on the abstract resonance of urban construction gives plenty to the atmospheric grade of printmaking. Able to give ordinary brick walls a mood that we may only see at a certain time in a certain light, to engrain an emotion to a snapshot of reality, the illusion comes across rather humbly and humbling.


ted kerr said...

I have not yet seen this exhibit.
I will check it out.

I enjoy the photo of Patterson that is in the latest Snaplines Newletter!

amy said...

what say you?

I think you'd really like it, a lot of the shots made me think of that walk down the alley(s) we took a few sundays ago.
but no mammoets unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Will SNAP get the boot now that the Red Strap is closing down?

Or perhaps the Dead Strap could be resurrected as a artist run centre with loads of space?

Anonymous said...

I think it's being turned into condos, the red strap is. yeah, I wonder what's happening with SNAP. if they were smart, they would keep some space for artists, what else does the neighborhood have going for itself?

amy said...

"SNAP is off course very sad to see our good neighbours the Red Strap Market
close, and whilst we will miss the artistic vibrancy that they brought to
this location, we do not feel that it will negatively impact our own
organization. SNAP has a secure lease and is confident that we will
continue to grow and thrive here in our current location. SNAP is looking
forward to building on past successes and creating new ones, through
increased print-related exhibitions, activities, and events, all which have
resulted to-date in ever increasing attendances to our print exhibitions,
print workshops, community outreach programs, and rentals of our print shop.
SNAP is also looking to a bright future in Edmonton and our current space by
hosting, in the summer of 2008, the 'Edmonton Print International 2008 (EPI
2008)', a competitive international print exhibition of the best innovative
print art being produced in the world today. 'EPI 2008' SNAP will open eyes
and minds to evolving graphic traditions around the world, engaging
audiences with a magical energy and sense of connection with artists and
cultures from Edmonton to Beijing. SNAP endeavors with 'EPI 2008' to
confirm Edmonton's growing cultural maturity and reflect our commitment to
the creation of a new urbanism expressing our identity and our aspirations
for the future of the arts in this city.

SNAP is fully aware of the threat by ever increasing development to the
future of the arts, particularly non-profit arts organizations, and is
actively supportive of, and involved in, the current efforts by the arts
communities in Edmonton and across Alberta to secure a safe and protected
future for us all."

e-mail from Katherine Thompson, Executive Director, SNAP

MC said...

Good to hear SNAP's not in any jeopardy. Maybe Gene Dub is smart enough to realize what a draw their gallery, in the main floor of a smooshy up-market downtwon condo/loft building, will be to our urban hipster market...

Anonymous said...

There are no plans to turns the Red Strap into condos. Its operation has simply been losing too much money for too long.

MC said...

Red Strap, Schmed Schtrap... If not condos, what's going in that building, then, Anony?