Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Maria Madacky, Here and Beyond, FAB Gallery, October 7 - November 1, 2008

The simplicity of the line, the fundamental mark in drawing, extends beyond the material presence in Maria Madacky's much anticipated MFA exhibition, Here and Beyond.

Beginning from the back of the gallery, where her "Hush" (I, II, III) series of white on white on white strings sit in a tense state of silence and suspension. This work first drew me in over two years ago in a MFA exhibition in the basement of the former AGA as an exploration of the logical and the sublime. The potential for melody sits enclosed within the shadow box frame, contained but open to intrusion and retinal exhaustion.

The two new larger works have been the latest focus for Madacky, one of them being "Reverie," a walk-in installation of vertical lines made out of rope hanging all around an undulating. The interior of the space is lined with wall to floor mirrors, and the only light comes through the dozens of round holes that appear to be the root of all things. Meant as a meditate space, applying the potential for melody and harmony from the 2D plane into that of a three dimensional sphere of space and movement, the only clearance is if you turn back, and in looking out you only see yourself surrounded in this reverie of light and line.

And dominating the large sloped wall is a 32 panel series of rust imprinted into acrylic gel entitled "Recollections." A variation of this appeared in another AGA show earlier this year, but together amassed into one piece, the overall affect is the awe of time, not just of its passing, but of its rhythm in capturing decay and remembering through the layering of presence.

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