Friday, June 8, 2007

Blair Brennan's Sacra Pravata, SNAP, June 7 - July 21, 2007

Image courtesy of Blair Brennan, 2007

The steady visual synocpations of drawings, both fast sketches and time-consuming collages, lined wall to wall, 8X10's squarely bricked next to 8X10's, non-identifable figures and forms stacked and sprawled next to their kin, their opposites, well-lit, collected, but each individually identifiable, wheels you round and round again in SNAP's interior gallery.

Blair Brennan, who creates astoundingly clean and fresh ideas from old scraps and findings, has now amassed the every-day exercise of drawing (the act of transfering thoughts and assembling) and purges his ritualistic result with bravada. With close to 600 pieces on display, all of which will be auctioned off on the last day of the exhibit as a fundraiser, the experience Brennan creates can only be described as humbling. As the pieces in question are from the everyday, it is the mass accumulation and non-repetition of his ever-surprising expressions that both astounds and inspires the viewer.

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Anonymous said...

I finally made it out to this show and was not dissapointed, Amy's review is bang on. It's loaded with surprising and delightful little gems. I bought 'Monkey with Tumor'. Talk about a shopping 'high'...